Bruce’s Body Shop is your auto framework and suspension system expert.

An automobile accident can cause serious damage to your car’s framework and suspension systems. Bruce’s Body Shop can diagnose all suspension problems related to your loss and replace components or repair your vehicle so that it drives and performs like it did before the loss.

In the past, if your car’s frame was bent it could never be the same. With the new technologies Bruce’s Body Shop uses, that is no longer a concern. Our state of the art frame equipment uses computerized laser measuring systems to bring your vehicle frame back to factory specifications. We take pride in framework. It’s our specialty.

We stand by our workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

Our Warranty / Guarantee:

Bruce’s Body Shop backs up and guarantees all repairs. You get a life time guarantee in writing for our workmanship.

All parts are as per the manufacture warranty and when repairing your vehicle, we look at your existing factory warranty, if you have one, and make sure that you stay compliant with that also.

When your vehicle is completed, it undergoes a quality inspection and is test driven to check for drivability and wind leaks, then after inspection it goes down to be cleaned inside and out.  Once your vehicle has passed our inspection, you are called with a pickup time.

Here at Bruce’s, we are human and not perfect. You know your car better then anyone, so we have a saying at Bruce’s Body Shop:
“If its not a 10, call us, we will make it a 10.”