Bruce’s Auto Body Repair Services

Our clients have just had their lives interrupted

It can be a time of uncertainty, stress, and fear about the repair process and Insurance coverage.

Going to the wrong place can feel cold and impersonal as people try to get answers from you to fill out their paperwork.

At Bruce’s Body Shop, we understand what our clients are feeling and what they are going through.

Bruce’s Staff will help you in three key areas:

  • Understanding your Insurance
  • Assisting with Towing
  • Helping to arrange Car Rentals allowed by your Insurance

Auto Detailing

What a natural for Bruce’s Body Shop

We have been fixing auto and RV bumps, bruises, and accidents for years. We can fix it to the point where it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between old and new.

More than just a cleaning, think of Bruce’s Auto Body Detailing service as a pumped up version on steroids.  Please see our Auto Detailing page for more information.

Head Lamp Restoration

Hard to see while driving at night with the headlights on?

With Bruce’s Head Lamp Refinishing your car will look better, it will save you money, and your headlamps will be safer.  Please see our Head Lamp Refinishing page for more information.